Google’s Santa Tracker is Back for This Christmas

Just if you don’t know what is Google Santa?

Google’s Santa Tracker is an interactive pipeline directly to the North Pole. It not only track Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve, but beginning on December 1st it offers daily activities that are both educational and fun. Google began offering up a basic and unsophisticated Santa tracker in 2004. They later partnered with NORAD for a brief time to provide users with a more in-depth tracker. In 2013 Google introduced their own version of Santa Tracker that was accessible through Google Maps and Chromecast; to track Santa on your TV.

Now Santa Tracker is available through the Santa Tracker website, a Google Chrome extension, Chromecast, an app for your Android phone or tablet, and through an Android Wear watch face.

From December 1st, you and your family can track every movement in the North Pole. Check in on the elves as they take a break from making toys to educate users on a variety of subjects and to play games. There is a countdown to take off clock at the top of the screen that allows you to keep up with how much time you have until Santa leaves the North Pole on his all-night journey around the world. You can learn Christmas traditions from around the world with an interactive push pin map. You can click on each push pin and learn about holiday traditions from each of those countries. K-12 educators have an option to download a lesson plan that is aligned with the Common Core. There are a variety of games that are not only visually festive but offer lessons that your children can use year-round. The elves offer up a chance to learn popular holiday words in a variety of languages through the Translation options.  Since the holidays are all about giving, Google keeps that in mind with socially responsible messages in many of the learning games. In fact, they advertise that they are matching donations up to fifty percent through during the month of December when you donate to fund a Special Needs Project. Every day there is something new to try.

Google introduces a new activity every day until the main event on December 24th. That is when you can track Santa’s every move throughout the world. Is Santa close to your home? You will know when you check in, and you can check in anywhere you may be.

Signing Off: Santa Tracker is a fun, educational, and exciting experience for the entire family. It is completely free and can be accessed anywhere you are online. The holidays are a time for giving and Google has given you the ultimate holiday experience. Whether you are a kid of 4 or a 104, you will enjoy Santa Tracker. The games are engaging, the lessons are interesting, and the videos are entertaining. If you are looking for a fun way to spend the season and you want to make sure you have plenty of time to jump in bed before Santa Clause comes to your house, this is essential for you.

You can also watch short animated video along way the way. Brought by Google Maps.

Go ahead before Santa disappears, trail him on Google Maps as he is about to start an amazing journey around the world.

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