Christmas Greeting Card Messages for Sister

Do you need a special way to wish your special sister this Christmas? I will help you to do so because I know how much your sister means to you. She must be your best friend, your special gift from God and your everything. Then why not make her feel special this Christmas and tell her how much she means to you? Here are some of the best Christmas greeting texts for your sister. Get Ready 🙂

When I need a friend to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, or just the familiar voice of someone who cares, I never have to look any further than you my sister! Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, may you have many moments of laughter and joy, and may your holiday season be filled with one good thing after another. Merry Christmas, my dear!

Christmas with our family means even more because of my sweet sister. Merry Christmas!

A sister means having someone by your side and your heat to make your good times happier, the hard times easier and all of life sweeter! You mean so much to me my dear. Happy Christmas!

May your life be full of happiness and may you have good times throughout the year. Merry Christmas sister!

Enjoy this Christmas and party hard! Merry Christmas to the best sister anyone could ask for. Loads of love.

Year after year, season after season, day after day, you will always have a special place in my heart. Merry Christmas to the one who is very special….my lovely sister!

Smile, sing and be glad! Its Christmas time!! Merry Christmas to my beautiful sister! May the blessings of Lord Jesus remain with you today and forever.

Wishing you an extra measure of seasonal spirit as its Christmas time, hoping that the day itself fulfills your expectations and that happiness, peace and joy remain with you all year through. Every wish for happiness that’s made for you, is wished again with words of love … And then an extra wish is made for everything that’s best, to hope the coming year will be the happiest. Happiness to all the days of the year… That’s why this wish holds so much love now that Christmas time is here. Happy Christmas!

If Christmas is more magical than you have ever known, if your hearts are filled with memories and happy times you’ve known… If you find more special happiness throughout the New Year, too – Then you’ll know this Christmas wish for you is coming true. Merry Christmas sister!

These wishes for you at Christmas are filled with warmth and love, May every hour of the season hold special joy that will bring happiness to your hearts… Sending you greetings today with many a special thought, remembering all the happiness that being with you has brought… Sending you Christmas wishes loving and warm and true, and hoping the New Year will be just wonderful for you. Happy Christmas to my dearest sister!

This comes with love to tell you now Christmas time is here, just how very much you mean each day throughout the year. Happy Christmas; With Love and hugs!

The stars and moon were jealous the day you were born. Thank you for being the light in my eyes. Thanks for being may playmate when we were small and my emotional support when we grew up. Merry Christmas!

My sister seems, somehow, to make even the most ordinary day into an occasion. Merry Christmas dearest!

You are my best friend, my fight partner, my sweetheart and part my life. Merry Christmas, sister!!

My sister knows me better than most people, which is why I want you to be there with me in this Christmas party! Merry Christmas!

Special Christmas tidings to my sister whose bright presence competes with the cheerfulness of the elements of nature!! Merry Christmas, darling!

My sister may be the one person who knows what color matches my soul. As such, she is being recommended as keeper of my heart. Merry Christmas to my special sister!

Sister, when did you learn how to read hearts for a living? Merry Christmas to the one who always cares, loves and be with me.

To my sister, roses, daffodils, starlight–all these can be trite. Sisters, however, are not. Merry Christmas!

Roses, dahlias, and the heart’s delight–you can find yours in material items. I find mine in my sister. Merry Christmas soul mate!!

Sisters are always very special; you can never have an alternative. Merry Christmas to my special sister!!

To my sister, don’t go changing. Just go on the way you are. Merry Christmas to one who is perfect just the way she is.

To my sister, why keep looking outside for verification when you are so spectacular within? Merry Christmas sunshine, my angel, my guide!!

You are the beauty that is found within every dewdrop. Merry Christmas to one whose presence always seems surprisingly original and fresh!! I love you very much dear!!

The day you were born I was so happy! You are the best gift that Lord Jesus has given to me. Merry Christmas to my soul mate!! You are and will be always the best.

I can share almost anything with you without thinking twice. You always guide me and put me on the right track. I couldn’t have asked for more. Happy Christmas sweetheart!!
I miss you a lot sister. But this time we will spend Christmas together and enjoy a lot. Lots of Love and hugs!! Merry Christmas!

Happiness lies in forgiveness. May Jesus bring you joy this Christmas and help you to forgive all those who have hurt you. May lord always shower his blessings upon you, dear! Merry Christmas!

I have given you several greetings and each one is different from the other. Choose the right one for your dear sister and make her happy. She will know how much you care for her and love her.

Make her Christmas even more joyous! Enjoy this season of love, sweetness and joy. Merry Christmas!

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