Christmas Messages for Parents

Mothers and fathers are the two pillars of life for every child. They are always there to protect us, love us and support us no matter what. Now it is time for all the sons and daughters to make them realize how special they are in your lives and how much they mean to you.
Are you searching for good messages which will make them very happy? If yes, your search ends here. Go through the following messages and make them happy this Christmas.

My Christmas message
Filled with love and happiness
saying thank you mom & dad
for your support the whole year through
you deserve the best. Merry Christmas!

To the world’s best parents—without you both I am nothing. I consider myself to be blessed. Happy Christmas mamma and daddy!

Mothers have a way
to understand unsaid things
and fathers are always there to protect you.
So on Christmas day I want to wish you with deep affection. Merry Christmas!

I love you mom and dad, the way you people understand No one ever can, I love you so much, Merry Christmas to the world’s best parents.

I am grateful to God and proud that you are my parents. Your love and warmth has always been there for me. Have a wonderful Christmas. I will join you soon.

Mothers are always special and unique. Without them the world seems to be incomplete. You are a wonderful mom and I am proud to have you as my mother and my best friend. Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to You
With all good wishes
to you and loads of love.
For health and happiness
throughout the coming year.
Happy Christmas to You.

Merry Christmas to my awesome parents. Your love, your care, and your warm hearts have made my life extra special. May your holiday be filled with everything that you deserve! You both mean a lot to me.

Of the Christmas gifts I’ll receive
and of those in the past, I’ve had
There’s none compares to the best of gifts
that’s you…thanks, Mum and Dad. Merry Christmas to the sweetest parents!

I want to thank Jesus for giving me such a wonderful dad. You always treat me like a princess and I want to be your princess forever. Happy Christmas daddy!

You both have always been supportive and wonderful. You deserve the best in life. Have a happy Christmas mom and dad!

Your love, care and support have made me what I am today. Thank you so much for everything Maa and Dad. Happy Christmas!

I am looking forward to spending Christmas with you this time. You always add an extra happiness in my life. I always feel lucky to be your daughter. Happy Christmas Mom and Dad!

I miss the cake made by you, mom. Prepare a yummy cake because your son is coming home very soon. Love you mom and happy Christmas!

I miss the cake made by you, mom. Prepare a yummy cake because your son is coming home very soon. Love you mom and happy Christmas!

To the special persons who lighten up my life, make my life beautiful and make me feel special all the time. You both are amazing! Happy Christmas!

Whenever I need a shoulder, you are there. Whenever I want to share something, you are ready to listen. Whenever I need support, you are present. You deserve all the happy things in life and a wonderful Christmas as well. Happy Christmas mom and dad! Love you.

Have a fun-filled Christmas mummy and dad! I miss you a lot.

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Let us celebrate together by spreading love and happiness everywhere. Happy Christmas!

Home means precious memories with you. Home means heart where you both reside. Merry Christmas!

Parents are the shade in the sunshine, the light in the darkness of life and the shield when there is storm. Thank you so much and loads of love. Happy Christmas!

I will pray that you stay fine and the smile on your lips last forever. For all the efforts you made to make me what I am today and for all the love and care. Merry Christmas to my lovely parents!

All the childhood days, those surprise Christmas gifts and being Santa just for me to see the smile in my face. I won’t forget those days ever no matter how old I become. Merry Christmas!

You are my motivation in life amidst all the difficulties. You are special for me because for you I have seen this beautiful world. Merry Christmas!

They way you both understand, no one ever can. The way you love me is beyond words. You both are the pillars of my life. Have a happy Christmas mom and dad!

My parents are the best than anyone else in the whole world. My love for you is and will be endless. Always be there with me as a guide and bless me. Happy Christmas!

You always save me from the cruel things in life and act as my shield. Your place in my heart can be taken by none. Merry Christmas to the best parents!

You have never failed to fulfill my wishes in spite of so many difficulties. Your support and encouragement is what I need in life. Merry Christmas mommy and dad!

You have always guided me as my best friend. Thank you for being a good listener to all my problems every time. You both are the two precious gems of my life…a blessing from God. Happy Christmas!

I am so lucky and proud to have parents like you. Merry Christmas mamma and daddy!

You have given me so many good memories to cherish forever. Thank you, mom and dad. Happy Christmas!

I thank god everyday for giving me the best parents who are my reason to live and be happy. Merry Christmas to the best individuals in the world!

Let us decorate the Christmas tree and light up our home with beautiful candles. It’s time to celebrate with you. It’s time to create another memory with both of you. Happy Christmas mommy and daddy!

I hope you are satisfied with the messages. Convey these things to your wonderful parents and make their Christmas happier!

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