Top 35 Christmas Messages for Girlfriend

Christmas is the most popular religious festival in the world. Christmas is a time for merrymaking and spreading love all over. It is also time for the couples to be with each other and celebrate Christmas with all their love and devotion. Whether you are away from your beloved or with her, you can always wish her in a special way to let her know how much you love them. In this article you will get several Christmas greetings which are appropriate for your loved one.

You are the best thing that happened to me, I just can’t imagine life without you. You are an essential part of my life. Merry Christmas dearest!!

God has showered all his love and blessings on me, Because he gave you in my life, whom I love so dearly, You are the best part of my life. Thanks for coming into my life. Merry Christmas!

I do not need to receive gifts this Christmas because god has already blessed me with a special gift. Merry Christmas dear!

I am the happiest boyfriend in this world. Because I have the best girlfriend, Thanks for all your love and care my dear. Happy Christmas!

Wishing my angel all the best this Christmas, May you get all the good things in life and be successful. Happy Christmas!

Looking back just reminds me nothing but all the happy moments we shared together, I want to spend my entire life with you. You made me realise what true love is. Merry Christmas, love!

For the most special woman in my life, Who loves me, cares for me and makes me happy. Merry Christmas my dearest!

Let us spend this Christmas together, Let us cherish every moment with each other, Let us spread love this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

You are the most awesome person I know. The person who has stolen my heart, I love you my dear. Happy Christmas!

We are not together this Christmas. But just remember that in my heart. You will always be around. Together, by heart and soul we will celebrate Christmas. Wish you a very happy Christmas.

You are my true love and I am glad that I won your heart. Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is very special for me, Because I have a special person to think about this Christmas. Merry Christmas my love!

Love is heavenly and Christmas is a lovely and heavenly festival. So I am great pleasure to wish you merry Christmas. Happy Christmas my dear!

You are my love and hope, You are always there during my hard times. Everything seems to be fine when you are around. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas wishes to a special girl, Who made my life so meaningful with her presence. Enjoy Christmas my dearest!!

Christmas brings in happiness just like you brought happy into my life since I met you. I am willing to spend my entire life with you. Merry Christmas!!

May the spirit of our saviour be with you always, May you possess his generous and forgiving heart. Merry Christmas!

Christmas won’t be the same if I don’t spend it with you, You give a new meaning to my life. Happy Christmas, dear!

Sharing our thoughts together, While celebrating this season is such a happy thing. I hope we could be like this everyday. Happy Christmas!!

Even if we are not together this Christmas, But you are and always remain in the core of my heart. I miss you my dear. Merry Christmas!!

I feel so good whenever I am with you, You make me so comfortable my dear. Merry Christmas!

You fill up every space in my life.  You complete me, Life would not have been good without you. So I want to wish my special one on this special occasion, Merry Christmas!

There is nothing to wish for this Christmas, Because you are mine now. Happy Christmas!! Enjoy the day!

One year back you gave me your heart on Christmas, From that day you filled my heart with joy. Merry Christmas to the love of my life!

Christmas is the season when everything is beautiful. And, you are the most beautiful thing that happened to me. A Christmas cheers from me to you, My love for you is true. Happy Christmas!

Merry time with merry cheer. When you are in my life, There is nothing to fear. Be with me today and forever. Merry Christmas!

I want to make this Christmas special for you. Let us welcome Christmas together this time. I would feel incomplete without you. Merry Christmas!

May Lord Jesus always bless you and give you all the happiness which you deserve. May the lights and the candles remove all darkness from your life. Merry Christmas, dear!

Joy resounds in the hearts of those who believe in the miracle of Christmas. Wishing you all the peace, joy and love of the season. Merry Christmas love!

You are my real love and I do not want to lose you ever. You are my life, my joy, my happiness. Merry Christmas! Enjoy a lot!

All I want from Christmas is you, I want to spend every Christmas of my life with you. You are special to me. Merry Christmas dear!

I love to see that sweet smile on your face, And I will make sure that the smile never ceases. Happy Christmas! Keep smiling always.

You are like spring. Every time I am around you or think of you. You bring a new life in me. Merry Christmas to my love!

May you have a happy and harmonious life, May you achieve your dreams. Merry Christmas my princess! A pearl or a diamond is nothing compared to you. You are a priceless treasure that should always be taken care of. Merry Christmas!

Jesus has given me the greatest blessing that I could have ever get…YOU. Have a joyous Christmas dear!

I want to thank you for the special kind of love you give me all the time. You are always there to make everything right. Happy Christmas!

Wish your girl with these special wishes and enjoy your Christmas! Merry Christmas!!

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